Build Trust Through Transparency & You’ll Build Brand Ambassadors. Drive Awareness & Sales By Showcasing Your Brand With Our Interactive Proprietary Solutions To Cannabis Curious & Connoisseur Consumers

The features you need to grow your cannabis brand

MAXIMIZE REACH AND ONLINE TRAFFICFinally, an on-platform marketing solution that increases reach and exposure while driving awareness and sales by showcasing your brand.

Maximize your presence online and improve your search ranking (SEO) by placing your business in front of ready-to-buy active cannabis consumers.

TARGET YOUR ADVERTISINGBuild Trust Through Transparency & Build Loyal Brand Ambassadors.

Gain brand recognition by creating or sponsoring valuable content (articles, strains, reviews, videos) within the tolktalk cannabis community.

Target market your brand and elevate exposure to an active cannabis community with interactive tools and features not available on any other cannabis website.

EMPOWER YOUR CANNABIS BRAND WITH tolktalkCXCloud-based help desk CRM solutions that provide a seamless chain of custody, removing the complexities and technical challenges associated with your entire customer care process. Website visitors can now connect instantly with your business. Power your decisions with robust analytics, customized reports and valuable data from the tolktalk cannabis community.

Finally a powerful platform with customizable solutions built exclusively for cannabis brands

SMS Messaging Service

Easily send & receive SMS text messages with your customers, or automatically send relevant & personalized text blasts to your contacts. Stay connected to your customers wherever they are via the SMS integration. It is one of the most effective ways for a business to connect with customers, increase engagement, and raise brand awareness.

Get Discovered - Maximize Reach and Online Traffic

Maximize your online presence by putting your business in front of active cannabis consumers that are motivated & ready-to-buy. Drive awareness and sales by showcasing your brand on tolktalk, combined with on-platform marketing that can increase reach and exposure.

Target Your Advertising

Elevate your in-store and online revenue potential through targeted advertising on your claimed business page. Gain brand recognition by creating or sponsoring valuable content (articles, strains, reviews, video) for the cannabis community. Effectively market your brand and elevate exposure with competitive and cost-effective ad rates vs. industry average.

Contact Widget

Convert your website’s static contact us page into a dynamic call-center like experience. Website visitors can now connect instantly with your business from any page using our pop-up contact us button.

Updating or migrating to a new website? No problem, transfer your Contact Widget with ease and without losing valuable customer data.

Facebook Messenger

Connecting with your Facebook community has never been easier, respond to your customers directly via Facebook Messenger. Capture conversations and customer data to track and email your customers.

Customer Reviews

Asking for customer reviews has never been so easy. Our proprietary Auto Review Generator allows you to automatically ask for customer reviews and improve your company’s online reputation. The entire process is tracked and logged making it as simple as possible to increase positive ratings and reviews.

Showcase Reviews

Build trust through transparency with customers by showcasing your best customer reviews on your website or anywhere else you want to manage your online reputation.

Live Chat

Reach your customers when they need you most! With tolktalkCX you can ask your customers to provide detailed information before chatting with an agent, such as account details, department or category. 

Private Communication

Engage privately with customers seamlessly from one dashboard on a deeper level, increasing satisfaction and decreasing resolution times.

Case management

You no longer have to be a techie to track and respond to customer cases from one central unified dashboard. tolktalkCX removes the complexities and technical challenges of managing your customer inquiries. Make every conversation count by bringing context to the conversation creating a better customer experience and fostering a deeper relationship with your customer.

Team collaboration

Collaborate across teams or departments, to join the customer conversation without leaving the tolktalkCX dashboard. Team members can work together to determine customer needs and communicate privately to speed up the resolution process.

Social feed & watchlist

Consolidate your social channels through one unified dashboard.

Use our proprietary watchlist feature to pin posts from social channels to review later, aggregate for lead generation or share with other team members or departments.

Personalize Communications

tolktalkCX offers an easy and simple way to personalize your email communications for every customer. Look professional by customizing your email templates to fit your brand messaging.


Automate your customer care processes with case routing, escalation, and task creation. Use feedback responses to kick off automated customer marketing emails or internal notifications to your team.


tolktalkCX offers robust out-of-the-box analytics to give your business an instant health check on your business across all platforms


Measure the impact of your customer care efforts with tolktalkCX’s built-in reporting tools that track case volume and response time, customer feedback, and more. Generate, Download and Print custom reports that align to your business needs.

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