How do I add my contacts to my tolktalkCX account?

Adding contacts to your tolktalkCX account allows you to easily manage, track and communicate with your contacts directly from your toltkalkCX account:

  1. To add contacts, simply navigate to the Contacts page from your tolktalkCX account;
  2. From here we provide multiple different ways for you to upload your contacts;
  3. You can manually add individual contacts by entering their contacts information; or
  4. If you would like to import a larger list of contacts, you can also import your entire contact list from a CSV file.

    In order to ensure that your contacts are imported correctly, please use the provided CSV template for reference. Make sure you keep the headers of the CSV file exactly as per the template provided. Also it’s important that you provide a valid First Name or Last Name, and also a valid Email or Phone number. These are important fields that will help our system identify unique contacts and automatically remove any duplicates.

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