How can I remove contact(s)?

Contacts from your account cannot be removed or deleted as we want to ensure all of your data is secured and to maintain the integrity of tracking history. That being said, you can add / remove contacts organized in your segments. This allows you to manage your contacts without losing any data. Remove contacts from your segment by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to the segment within your contacts page (if you don’t have any segments setup, you can create a new segment from the top of the contacts page);
  2. Search for the contact by name or phone number;
  3. Select the checkbox on the very left hand side of the contact(s) you want to remove; and
  4. Finally click on the red “Remove Selected” button on the top of the contacts page. This will remove the contact from the selected segment. So next time you select a segment to message, this contact will not be included.
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