Can my SMS Messages or Numbers be Blocked as Spam?

In some cases, message filtering can affect delivery of your SMS messages. This is designed to prohibit spam and other forms of abuse, and to comply with regulations and wireless carriers’ messaging policies.

Message filtering systems exist for two reasons:

  1. Protecting mobile subscribers from unwanted messaging such as spam, fraud, or abuse. Unwanted messaging is a huge issue in the messaging industry; unwanted messages can result in complaints, fines, or outright disconnection by carriers. Mobile users who receive lots of spam or other unwanted messages may decide to start opting out of or ignoring all messages from businesses, even legitimate ones who follow all rules and best practices; and
  2. Enforcing rules or regulations about what types of messaging are allowed to that country or mobile network. Depending on the country, laws or regulations may put restrictions on certain types of messaging, or even forbid certain things altogether. Messages which violate these rules may be subject to filtering. 

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