How do I set up my SMS integration?

  1. To setup your SMS integration on your tolktalkCX account, in order to send SMS campaigns & communicate with your customers via SMS, you need to first reserve a unique phone #;
  2. Start by navigating to the settings page from your tolktalkCX account;
  3. Then go to the Integrations tab, and click on the SMS Messaging integration;
  4. From here you can reserve a unique phone # that will be used to communicate with your customers;
  5. Start by selecting either a Local or Toll-Free number type. A local number is a great option if you intend to use the SMS messaging service to communicate with your customer’s 1-on-1. You can select a Toll-Free number if you plan on sending more marketing / promotional SMSs to your contacts as it provides the ability to send larger volumes of messages at once while being less likely to be marked as SPAM;
  6. Once you’ve decided on either a Toll-Free or local number type, you can filter from the available phone numbers by a specific phrase or number to find a number that fits your business;
  7. Then select from the available list the unique phone number that you prefer to use for your SMS integration (Keep in mind, this number is your unique phone number that will be associated with your business and used for all communication via SMS from your tolktalkCX account); and
  8. Once confirmed, your SMS integration is now complete! You can copy and share this phone # to your customers or start by sending an SMS campaign from the Marketing Automation page.
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