How do I organize my contact list?

Once you’ve added your contacts to your tolktalkCX account, you can organize your contact list by segmenting them into different groups. Click here to learn how to add your contacts to your tolktalkCX account yet

  1. Start by navigating to your contacts page from your tolktalkCX account, then create a segment by entering the name of this segment from the top menu bar. You can name this segment what ever you like to help you identify this contact group;
  2. From here you can either select an Automatic or Manual segments;
  3. The Automatic segment option, will automatically organize your existing contact list and any new contacts added to your account based on a selected property. For example: you can select all your contacts that were acquired from tolktalk to be added in one segment; and
  4. You can also create a Manual segment by manually clicking on the checkbox to select specific contacts to be added to your desired segment.
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